We can deliver a seamless and highly personalised service whilst creating beautiful, practical spaces for commercial clients looking to create or update their Receptions, Offices and Boardrooms.

Our goal is to help each client maximise the full potential of their business, introducing bespoke designs which are tailored to their individual requirements. Or we can make the most of what clients already have and reuse, recycle and upcycle various items and build from there. We can source and supply everything from signage, to furniture, accessories, lighting, soft furnishings, wallpaper, curtains blinds, uniforms, logo design, point of sale and printing. All of your interior and image needs can be met by My Secret House.



For Reception areas, the first impression is critical. People will form an opinion the moment they walk through the door. It is vital that the whole company brand is reflected within an instant. The Interior should match the product. It needs to feel right, whether it’s a solicitors or a trade counter, the image must fit well and this is what we are good at creating .


The environment needs to be practical, comfortable, stylish, and easy to use, with enough storage to allow for a tidy space. It also should reflect the business in terms of brand identity and image. We always incorporate all of these issues when designing office spaces.


Boardrooms reflect the quality and professionalism of a business. They are also a practical space. We can maximise the potential of the room creating bespoke solutions where required.

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