Succeeding in retail is extremely difficult and requires constant effort to provide the right goods and services but…

…a shop cannot achieve its full potential without the right design inside and out. Branding, layout, materials used, textures and lighting, all play a part in the Interior Design. The shop window, lighting and signage are crucial to maximising the numbers who walk through the door.


For shops, the first impression is critical. People will only walk through the door if they like what they see and feel with the atmosphere created. It’s possible to create a bit of theatre and drama in a public space such as these and in today’s modern age of social media, it is necessary to create Instagram able interiors, so that people will post and share for you. The Interior should match the product. It needs to feel right, whether it’s a glamourous clothes shop or a trade counter, the image is still critical.

Many years of theatre design, travel and Fine Art training add to My Secret Houses free thinking approach to maximise creativity, style and drama, along with a very practical approach. This is what will get your clients through the door and we see it as enormous fun to create.

For Businesses such as shops, we go much further than just offering an Interior Design Service if required. We can offer a much more valuable service where the whole brand image is streamlined to match. The interior, the exterior, the branding, the uniforms, logo and stationary are coordinated, creating a solid, professional, stylish, brand image. It is extremely powerful when all of this works together.


Many shops have enjoyed success for years but realise that they could do with a makeover. We can often find with shops that the image is all over the place and it is not just the interior that needs fixing. Considering everything as a whole in terms of image is absolutely necessary to achieve the full potential of a business. One basic common mistake is that a shop’s identity is not clear as you walk through the door, and this is a real weakness in terms of image and professionalism and it may not live up to the strength of the product or service the business offers. Lighting is also critical to not only draw attention to the shop window but to light the products effectively. Using LED lighting can also save you a great deal on your electricity costs.


It is always a gift to be able to start from the beginning and help create a full brand image for a New Shop. When creating the business our clients may have a strong idea of the service and product they will provide but not on how to achieve the brand image necessary to reflect this. Everything starts from the Interior and Exterior image and connects to it in a cohesive approach. The sooner we are involved the better to avoid wasting time or money in the wrong direction. We love a challenge.

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