Often the first question people ask is ‘How does it work?’ Our Design Process is very straightforward and…


…is a six stage process from start to finish. Every client receives the same attention to detail, but every client is different, so each design is unique to them. Essentially it is about making the most of that property for the budget allowed. The process is the same whether it is for one room or a whole property but a comprehensive approach to the whole property always achieves the most rewarding results.



We offer a Free* Initial consultation meeting to discuss the proposed project on site and to give our first thoughts on the design. If a price is agreed there and then, we will measure the spaces concerned and take photographs. Or we can come back and do this on another day, once you have considered our proposal.


In order to proceed further, we require a commitment in the form of an Interior Design Fee. This is a fixed fee relating to the project discussed. All of our fees are very reasonable and in the majority of cases, the money our clients save in the process of us sourcing materials for them, far out weighs any fees we charge. It usually works out much cheaper to get us involved, with the added advantage of having it all being professionally designed. Project management may be required but this involves a separate fee. All trades persons’ fees are paid direct to them, making everything transparent. For an idea of our fees please contact us.

Stage 3
The Interior Design Work

Your Interior Designer will start bringing together the scheme, including floor plans and elevations where required, furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, paint colours and accessories.We have access to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products. Working with these products every day gives us a vast amount of knowledge but every job presents new challenges and while some design ideas are easy to solve, others can take countless hours, but its our attention to detail that makes the difference. Every single detail is considered, down to every accessory, so that the whole of the space is interesting and beautiful and practical, with just the right amount of drama.

Stage 4
The Presentation of Our Ideas

You will usually be invited to our Saddleworth showroom where we will present our ideas to you, or we can return to the site of the design if necessary. Discussions at this stage lead to a greater understanding of the project and may lead to some alterations and adjustments. No matter how many times we have to meet, we will ensure every detail works perfectly for you.

Stage 5
Commitment to order

When clients have agreed with a scheme a 50% deposit is required, followed by the balance prior to delivery. All items are stored and insured at our Warehouse while awaiting delivery and set up. Installations involving trades will have a schedule.

Stage 6
Our White Glove Service

In any job, it is the attention to detail that matters. To create an interior may involve building work or various trades people, however they are almost all completed at My Secret House with our White Glove Service, where we not only deliver the goods to your home or business but we ensure everything is unpacked, packaging is removed from site, and everything is put into position with the finest attention to detail. Flowers are arranged, beds made up, tables set, mirrors and pictures mounted, vases, books and objects arranged, curtains and blinds hung; so that all you have to do is come home and relax and enjoy the space immediately.


We offer a Free* Initial consultation meeting to properties within the North West; however we also deal with properties further afield. Distance is not an issue for the right project, so if you feel My Secret House could help you but your property is in another part of the UK or another country, then an idea of what is involved could be estimated from photographs, dimensions and plans, prior to an initial consultation. If this is agreed upon, then it would involve a commitment fee for the onsite consultation which would include travel expenses. All fees are reasonable and clients are still able to save money, despite the fees.

Visit our contact page to arrange a free consultation.